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Produce... Re-Produced

produce2 I know, another corny title, but what am I supposed to do. In the back of my mind I make these posts with relative certainty that no one could possibly find them interesting but myself so I am jazzing things up a bit, woo hoo. Here is another painting in my ongoing series of revisiting recent works and changing them dramatically. Produce 20"x 22" oil on panel. Gone is the minimalists background and in with the maximalist.


Here is the old version of produce with the simple background. In retrospect I think I was trying to bridge the gap conceptually between all of the work I was doing by keeping these paintings as strictly still lifes. Everything in the painting was in the still life set up in my studio so of course it was linked to the other still lifes I was doing. Now I sort of don't care, I am going to follow my inspiration where it takes me.

IMG_5660Here is the still life in my studio to give an idea of how I was/am setting up paintings. Strangely, I now think the photos work really well and might someday be an avenue I explore. But for now this is where I am.


Nocturne... re-done

Here is another painting that I have decided to go back into and change, hopefully for the better. This painting is "Nocturne" 38"x 40" oil on panel. My experience with "Rocket Pops" convinced me that I needed to think about revisiting several paintings and I am really happy with the results.

This is the new version with the orange sky and lots of trees.

And this is the old version with a less detailed background.

New Studio

I just moved into a new studio at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. It was a big effort to get everything down there in a couple of days in order to open my studio for first Friday. In Wilmington most galleries are open on the first Friday night of the month so that people can walk from place to place, see a bunch of art, have some wine and cheese and maybe dinner. It is quite fun and now my new studio is on the loop along with around 30 others at the DCCA.

I keep a neat studio, but not quite this neat. It will take a few weeks for it to get messy and there it will stay, so it is probably best that you see it now in its pristine form. I built some shelves for the wall so that I can lean paintings there without a nail. I had similar shelves in my last studio and they really work well for me. If a painting is wet and I am finished working for a while, I flop it on the shelf and grab another. I don't usually keep so much work around, I think I have 17 or 18 paintings but I have been trying to gather a few in order to spread out and start looking for some new galleries.

A few still life objects are making their way into the studio, I should be painting in here soon, probably today if I stop messing with the computer and get to work.