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Wiener Dog?

After posting the painting Blue Dog, I got a call from my brother Bob who found the painting hilarious. He pointed out that the dogs face looked like a certain piece of the male anatomy. After looking at the painting I have to agree that it does in fact resemble an appendage that doesn't belong on a kid's bank.

I wonder if the toy's original designer had it in mind to give the dog a phallus face? After all, from the look of the toy it was made in the free love 70's. I don't think I particularly exaggerated the effect although the lighting may make it worse.

I think its funny now but I feel this is a full disclosure situation if I plan on selling the painting at some time. This poses a question, do I need to fix the painting to minimize the schlong-y quality? Or does it make it a better painting and do I hope someone might come along that finds it funny? The whole thing makes me wonder, I had someone that wanted to buy the painting a little while back, and then they disappeared and couldn't be reached. I have a sneaky suspicion that they might have been scared off by the wiener dog.