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Jello Molds: painting in progress

I have recently been having fun revisiting a theme. I have done a number of Jello Mold paintings over the years and I imagine I will do a few more beforeI quit. The combination of the shiny metal and the architectural forms just beg to be painted. I think before long I have to start painting jell-o outside of the molds. The translucency and color should be a great subject.

First Coat Jello Molds Metropolis

This is the painting after one coat, it is drawn in fairly accurately but there are still a bunch of adjustments to be made, I also left out a bunch of the detail to speed things along since I will just be covering it later with other layers.

jello molds progress Jackson Painting

Here is where I left it today, everything is a bit more filled in. The colors are richer because I have begun layering. I am starting to be a bit happier with some of the sloppy drawing as I fix it. As is usual for me the painting starts out somewhat coarse and gets more refined as time goes on. The drawing will get better the color will get richer and more  nuanced and value relationships will change for the sake of increasing the illusion of depth. I would guess I am nearing the halfway point in terms of time. This is when the painting is really fun, all of the changes have a big impact on the final work and I really start to get an idea of how the painting will turn out.