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New Studio

I just moved into a new studio at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. It was a big effort to get everything down there in a couple of days in order to open my studio for first Friday. In Wilmington most galleries are open on the first Friday night of the month so that people can walk from place to place, see a bunch of art, have some wine and cheese and maybe dinner. It is quite fun and now my new studio is on the loop along with around 30 others at the DCCA.

I keep a neat studio, but not quite this neat. It will take a few weeks for it to get messy and there it will stay, so it is probably best that you see it now in its pristine form. I built some shelves for the wall so that I can lean paintings there without a nail. I had similar shelves in my last studio and they really work well for me. If a painting is wet and I am finished working for a while, I flop it on the shelf and grab another. I don't usually keep so much work around, I think I have 17 or 18 paintings but I have been trying to gather a few in order to spread out and start looking for some new galleries.

A few still life objects are making their way into the studio, I should be painting in here soon, probably today if I stop messing with the computer and get to work.

Wiener Dog?

After posting the painting Blue Dog, I got a call from my brother Bob who found the painting hilarious. He pointed out that the dogs face looked like a certain piece of the male anatomy. After looking at the painting I have to agree that it does in fact resemble an appendage that doesn't belong on a kid's bank.

I wonder if the toy's original designer had it in mind to give the dog a phallus face? After all, from the look of the toy it was made in the free love 70's. I don't think I particularly exaggerated the effect although the lighting may make it worse.

I think its funny now but I feel this is a full disclosure situation if I plan on selling the painting at some time. This poses a question, do I need to fix the painting to minimize the schlong-y quality? Or does it make it a better painting and do I hope someone might come along that finds it funny? The whole thing makes me wonder, I had someone that wanted to buy the painting a little while back, and then they disappeared and couldn't be reached. I have a sneaky suspicion that they might have been scared off by the wiener dog.

Hi there

I thought it might be nice to start a blog in order to share news and give a look at what I'm currently working on, so here it is!!!! I hope to use this blog to document what exactly I am working on and to stay a bit more current than I am able to on my web page. The web page is sort of a greatest hits and the blog represents all of the excerpts and b-sides mixed in with the good stuff. Hopefully it is all good stuff, but I digress....